What Are The Ketogenic Amino Acids?

For those who may be wondering what Greek is being spoken when people mention ‘amino acids’, this article is for you. In order to understand how your keto diet can be helped with amino acids, you need to know what these special building blocks are.

Amino acids are what come together to form proteins. Each amino acid is an organic compound that has one amine group, and then a carboxyl group, also having the base elements carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Ketogenic amino acids are these very compounds that have the capability to be broken down straight into acetyl CoA and myelin. If you know your keto science very well, you would be aware of the fact that acetyl CoA is the precursor for the synthesis of ketone bodies, which in the end gives understanding to the famous keto diet.

The Importance of Keto Amino Acids For Your Metabolism

The Role of Keto amino acids in metabolism is diverse and of extreme importance in anybody who is looking for a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle in their eating. Although glucose is the main source of energy for your body, the amount of ATP that fatty acids and ketones produce when your body has little glucose supply is incredible, especially for people who are watching their carbohydrate intake.

In humans, there are two main solely Ketogenic amino acids. These two each have special properties that set them aside from other amino acids apart from their ability to directly be degraded into acetyl CoA.

  1. Leucine- this amino acid breaks down to produce both acetoacetate and acetyl CoA. This amino acid is important in protein synthesis and gives energy to muscles. Leucine is also an excellent regulator in several chemical reactions which, in fact, involve the breakdown of proteins from foods that contain high amounts of proteins. Perfect sources of leucine include peanuts, salmon, soybeans, and beef.
  2. Lysine- this is an essential amino acid necessary for carnitine production. Carnithine on its own is instrumental in breaking down fats to produce energy. Thanks to Carnitine, calcium is easily absorbed and collagen is produced, resulting in the development of healthy bones, tendons, cartilage, and also skin. You can find good sources of lysine in peas, beans, meat, and lentils.

Glucogenic and Ketogenic Amino Acids

Apart from the aforementioned two amino acids which are solely ketogenic, there are some amino acids that are both ketogenic and glucogenic in their metabolic function. Glucogenic amino acids break down into glucose and gets stored as glycogen in the liver.

There are 5 amino acids which are both glucogenic and ketogenic. These are:

  • Phenylalanine.
  • Threonine.
  • Isoleucine.
  • Tryptophan.
  • Tyrosine.

Each of these Amino acids has special roles in protein synthesis and the metabolic processes of any individual.

  1. Phenylalanine – this is a precursor in melanin synthesis, and therefore, studies have been conducted to research the use of phenylalanine to cure vitiligo. While no studies have been made concrete yet, it is known to be helpful in nootropic medicine. Phenylalanine had been found to be helpful in people suffering from depression when given in the morning. A good amount of these in your diet is not only sure it reduces the chances of skin diseases, but it is also expected to give you a less anxious and less depressed view of life. Good sources of phenylalanine are poultry, fish, cottage cheese, sesame seeds, peanuts, and lentils.
  2. Threonine – This amino acid has been found to be essential in the synthesis of proteins in that it helps in the folding of proteins. It also does a good job regulating the protein balance in the body. It can be isolated as the cheese-related flavor in most foods. It is good for ATP generation and regulates the pH in any organism.
  3. Isoleucine – Perfect for wound healing and repair of tissue damage, helps glucose uptake and inducing protein synthesis in muscular tissues. It also increases glucose uptake into skeletal muscle and therefore makes available even the tiniest amount of glucose in the body for energy production.
  4. Tryptophan – Found in salmon, poultry, spinach, certain seeds, eggs, milk and soy products, this amino acid is necessary for maintaining the nitrogen balance in the body. It is then metabolized into serotonin which is a hormone that helps in communication between nerves. This then affects the moods of individuals. A high level of tryptophan in the body is a Hail Mary because it means you would be at the happy side of the mood spectrum.
  5. Tyrosine – necessary to improve alertness and attention, it is produced from phenylalanine. It is found in cheesy food or in dairy products, as well as chicken, turkey, and fish. It helps in the synthesis of dopamine, which brings pleasure to the individual as well as increases their reward center. It also produces adrenaline and noradrenaline which are hormones for fight or flight, dictating the individual’s response to situations that as deemed as stressful. It is excellent in improving memories, regulating metabolism through the formation of thyroid hormones, and in the production of melanin.

Ramping Up The Effectiveness of Your Efforts

Nobody likes to work in vain. In fact, no one likes to work too hard. Therefore there is always that part of people that like to double-check and be sure, that the work that‘s being done is yielding fruit. This is the same as working out. There have been important established points which highlight the effect of these amino acids in our lives, especially in people who have special targets for their health and weight.

What if you were told that there was indeed a way you could get some supplements to boost your hard work. Especially your amino acids. What if you found out that you could easily take a supplement to increase the effect of the ketogenic amino acids to help your dieting, gain the full strength of the amino acids all without adding carbohydrates to your dieting.

Chances are, you have searched long and hard for the supplement and have come up short. Well, the best ketogenic amino acid supplement is usually dependent on the individual and his or her targets. However, a few names have come up as the most used for people engaging in the ketogenic lifestyle. The BPI Sports keto Aminos and the Keto BCAA.

The Ultimate Ketogenic Amino Acids Supplement

As you may have already read, the ketogenic supplement which should catch your attention the most is called the BPI sports Keto Aminos. Based on research, this supplement has been found to be best for people who are working out, and therefore need to recover quickly after ripping many muscle fibers during the workout. This then helps to develop strong, lean hard muscle fibers, help in the improvement of the body’s fat metabolism and release way more energy, which of course, is the need for such supplements in the first place.

There are a good number of ingredients you might want to look into once you decide in Keto Aminos. There are three ingredients you might want to look out for when it comes to effective ketone body metabolism.

  1. Beta-hydroxybutyrate – also known as BHB. They come in salt or crystallized forms, helping to balance the body’s sugar, reduce cravings for unhealthy food choices, and goes right ahead to deposit the ketones, as this compound is one of the three ketone bodies found in our system today.
  2. MCT Oil- This replaces carbohydrates in the liver and acts in its stead, giving the body way more energy in order to complete its functions.
  3. BCAA – these supplements are known for increasing strength and vitality, stop muscle pain and soreness due to the workout – ensuring you have a quicker recovery time. They also quickly metabolize the fat in your body, changing it all into energy that can be used for day to day activities.

Why Use Keto Aminos?

You may be thinking to yourself, that what is the need for all these supplements as long as you are working out and eating a low carb diet. Well, there are many advantages to picking up Keto Aminos. The reasons are endless, but just a few will be highlighted here:

  1. First and best, especially for those who may be suffering after workouts, having long recovery time and basically putting off the next workout for days later, keto Aminos is definitely for you. This is because the strengthening and repair minerals work hard to repair all torn muscle fibers, reduce soreness and get you ready to go back into the gym in no time!
  2. Skyrocketing energy level, especially when sticking to the low fat keto diet.
  3. Build hard forms of lean muscle tissue you could only hope to get after years and years of working out. This is because the muscle is preserved while the protein is being resynthesized, all working in synergy.
  4. Quicker weight loss if that’s your goal, especially because the muscle is protected while you burn fat during your exercising. There is a much-decreased muscle breakdown, leading to the preservation of your muscles. You do not have to worry about feeling so sore you can’t go on, after any workout.


  • What amino acids are Ketogenic and Glucogenic

There are 20 amino acids that are found in the body for protein synthesis. 13 of them are glucogenic solely. They are:

  1. Alanine.
  2. Arginine.
  3. Asparagine.
  4. Aspartic acid.
  5. Cysteine.
  6. Glutamic acid.
  7. Glutamine.
  8. Glycine.
  9. Histidine.
  10. Methionine.
  11. Proline.
  12. Serine.
  13. Valine.

Two of them are solely ketogenic

  1. Leucine.
  2. Lysine.

Five are both ketogenic and glucogenic

    1. Phenylalanine.
    2. Isoleucine.
    3. Threonine.
    4. Tyrosine.
    5. Tryptophan.
      • Which amino acids are strictly Ketogenic

Two amino acids are strictly ketogenic, meaning they degrade directly into acetyl СoA or acetoacetate. They are Leucine and Lysine

      • What are ketogenic amino acids used for

These amino acids are used to enhance protein synthesis, help in energy building and muscle repair, regulate some chemical reactions in the body, help in breaking down fats for the release of more energy. Lysine is also used to help in calcium absorption.

      • Is Glycine Glucogenic or Ketogenic?

Glycine is a glucogenic amino acid

      • Can Amino Acids be used for Energy?

Of course! The main idea of amino acids is for them to make certain health essentials available to the body especially energy. The end product of every breaking down is the production of energy. The different amino acids each have the way by which they make energy available to the body. Whether it’s through protein synthesis, for the breakdown of fats, or for the metabolism of glucose (glucogenesis). The bottom line is all these release energies for the body.


Choosing a workout routine, deciding what to eat, which nutrients to choose, and how to keep consistent are everyday problems of today’s fitness enthusiasts. In fact, with the introduction of the keto diet, more attention has been drawn to the need for people to understand what goes on in their bodies, what goes into their bodies, and how to maximize their bodily function to feel their best. The low-fat diet is an amazing way to have that done.

In case you did not know exactly what amino acids were good to accompany you in your keto journey, hopefully, things have been made clearer now. Today, with your new accomplice, the BPI sports keto Aminos, your workout process needs not to be a grueling one. You simply workout, build, rebuild, protect, and maintain healthy body weight, all while sticking to a low carb diet.

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