The Best Ketogenic Drinks: Recipes And Ideas

The low-carb diet is one that people could easily say is boring, lacks life, ingenuity, and, of course, the necessary sugar to spice up a life or give that sugar rush. Well, the people seeking the ketotic state know exactly what they were looking for when they decided to embark on that journey. This is because there are so many benefits to maintaining as little carbohydrates as possible in your diet.

Due to this, the people who have joined the keto diet, and are not too enthusiastic about simply drinking water, which is the healthiest anyway, are looking out for other options. There is quite a number of options you could consider, especially if you are loosely monitoring your carbohydrate intake.

Best Keto Drinks Besides Water

Yes, yes, you are probably dreading that cliché statement that water is the best thing you could be drinking in the state of Ketosis. Yes, water is indeed a very vital drink, especially those in Ketosis who have a very high chance of getting dehydrated. This also means that you need to make water and drinks with high water content, your best friends. In fact, you should have it in mind especially to keep hydrated, because water surely solves all problems. [1][3]

However, if you are well-hydrated, and are looking for something else to drink with your meals, or to drink as your meal, you are in for a treat. Besides water, of course, there are a good number of options to choose from when it comes to amazing low carb ketogenic drinks, perfect for your keto dieting. They range from keto cocktails to keto coffees to water with all sorts of amazing things added to it! The end result? Always an amazing keto experience. You could make some at home, so you would not have to travel far for your best low-carb drink. If you have not yet gathered a list, you might want to get out your pen and paper right now.

The Best and The Worst Drinks You Could Possibly Have On A Keto Diet

The list of drinks you could have is long, and especially since you are looking for variety. Bear in mind, though, that some drinks are better than others, and based on what you hope to achieve at the end of your diet, you might either need to tighten your carbohydrate portion or loosen it. These factors are what will give you the chance to make little adjustments to your diet.

First of all, you should choose the drinks based on sugar content or carbohydrate content.

Starting with the worst options, you might want to avoid the following:

  1. Orange juice.
  2. Soy milk.
  3. Beer.
  4. Milk.
  5. Energy drink.

These options are high-carb, for example, milk has about 12g, you have your energy drink with about 40g per can. Orange juice, unfortunately, is not a benign drink for people trying to keep their carbohydrate content down.

Your best options at a drink without much sugar are:

  1. Iced coffee.
  2. Fruit-infused water.
  3. Diet soda.
  4. Keto smoothies.
  5. Some keto-friendly alcoholic drinks. [2]

Recipes For Ketogenic Drinks

If you are a DIY person, and you would like to try your hands at some of the drinks, you are in luck. You can tailor your drinks to your taste and preferences, following your keto diet closely, of course.

There is really very little chance of you messing up these drinks. All you need is a little bit of creative flair, imagination, and of course, taste buds – nothing else. You can start by getting a large fancy jar and cut up fruits into water. Combinations like strawberry and cucumber, lemon and mint, blackberries, ginger, lime, and so on make drinking water more interesting.

Do not be bored. Apart from water, you have other options you could choose from or even make, for instance, smoothies! Here is a recipe for a smoothie you might enjoy!

  • Get low-sugar fruits. Your options include spinach, berries, and a few others.
  • Use water or unsweetened milk, almond milk or perhaps coconut milk, which contains a lower concentration of carbs.
  • When choosing your cream, opt, or full-fat option in your coconut milk.
  • Settle for a blender that blends it all nicely and smoothly, and voila, you have your personal, specially-made smoothie.
  • Matcha Green Tea Frappe.

What do you need? Your matcha powder, some almond milk, some vanilla, cream, Erythritol, and have them all blended. You should leave out the sugar. This drastically reduces the sugar content. At the end of the day, you are left with a low carb matcha drink, perfect for your keto diet. You can have this at sometimes half the price that the frappe is sold at in the local coffee shop. You have it much easier, and you get the excitement of putting it together!

You could serve your matcha having whipped cream around the top. Yes, you will just end up eating 2g of carbs at the end of the day. Certainly not more. A good leap from the usual frappe which can contain up to 62 g of carbohydrates.

  • Bulletproof Coffee

Sure the name alone catches your attention. Perfect for those fall days and winter nights. This creamy coffee option, which is also low in carbs may just be your best bet. A bulletproof coffee usually contains ghee or even butter. Then a good amount of coconut oil, or you could change up with MCT oil. Or have some chaffless along with it. However, do not stir your coffee. All the ingredients should be placed in a blender and blended into smoothness. You could also use a milk frother. That way, you do not have to wash a whole blender just because you want to make a quick meal.

A good idea, besides using a tablespoon of oil, butter, and then the usual ingredients, you should get a teaspoon, get some almond milk to make the beverage a little less calorie dense, collagen for all your skin and hair needs. You’ll even end up with way more frothing on the top.

  • Low-carb ice cream

Your low-carb ideas could really not get any better. There is low-carb ice cream when you are on that keto diet, and you absolutely would rather have the creamy freezing tastiness of ice cream without the sugary and high-carbohydrate content!

Of course, you eat carb ice cream on a keto diet. Well, not the regular type, but the creamy keto-type, which will give you only 3g of carbohydrates in each serving. Your ingredients?

  • Butter.
  • Powdered Erythritol.
  • Heavy cream.
  • MCT oil, or even MCT powder.
  • Vanilla extract.

All you need to do is stir everything together, use an ice cream maker to churn it or freeze the mixture using simple ice cube trays. You can later take them out when they’ve thawed in a food processor or any blender of your choice. There you have it, your low-fat scoop is ready.


  • Can you drink Coke Zero on Keto?

No, you cannot drink Coke Zero on keto because it contains fake sugars or sweeteners that not only have health threats but also have the ability to trigger your craving for carbs, which then destroys your diet plan. You could opt instead for Diet Coke or any other diet soda.

  • Is cranberry juice keto-friendly?

Most fruit juices like orange juice, and for that matter, cranberry juice contain as much as 26 to 30g of carbohydrates, which is about as many carbs that you should take in a day all in one drink. Your best bet is to stay away from all fruit juices. You’ll have a better chance of managing your sugar intake that way.

  • Are water drops keto-friendly?

Yes, you can have water drops while on a keto diet. This is water with artificial sweeteners. Unless you are not into that sort of thing, it is really not a bad idea to have water drops.

  • Can you drink beer in keto?

No, no, and no once again, that is the answer. Beer is not keto-friendly and therefore is not a good option for your keto diet.

  • What is lazy keto?

This is a popular variety of keto diet where the consumer aims at eating a very low amount of carbs. It is used to lose weight. All you have to do is calculate the carbs you are eating, and not the calories, the fat content, or the protein content. It is, therefore, a much less restrictive form of the keto diet.

  • What alcohol can I drink on keto?

Your options are more than you can imagine. Pure alcoholic forms have less carbohydrate content. Examples are rum, vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, red wine, white wine, light beer, based on the serving size. These options contain from 0g to 3g maximum. If you want to make mixes with the alcohol, you might want to opt for low sugar sweeteners.

  • What juice can I drink on keto?

You can only have diet juice or juice that has reduced sugar. Most fruit juices contain a whole lot of sugar, which makes them a bad option if you want to stick to a keto diet.

  • What is the best alcoholic drink for keto?

The best alcoholic drink for Ketosis is the drink that contains or is comprised of the purest alcohol. These drinks like rum, whiskey, vodka contain 0g of carbohydrates and are therefore a good option if you want to remain in Ketosis with your alcohol.


There is a good number of drinks you can have while on a keto diet. You can typically have low-carb drinks, especially when they do not have a lot of sugar. You can also have a good number of alcohol options, which are typically the best option as they have little or no carbohydrate content.

There are some cocktails you can have, especially when they contain artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, fruit juice, Coke Zero, and a few other sugary options are a no-no for your Ketosis. There are many options. Take your time to explore all the options you have, and make your decision. Hopefully, you will have an amazing diet complete with drinks!

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