The Best Exogenous Ketones For Weight Loss

Best Exogenous Ketone supplements

Ketones are formed in the liver when the glycogen stores (“sugar stores”) are exhausted. This is usually done during a ketogenic diet (high fat and very low carbohydrates), the Atkins diet or fasting to provide the body with an alternative source of energy to carbohydrates. Ketones are primarily an alternative for the brain, which cannot burn fat. However, heart, muscles and other tissue types are also happy about ketones. Read on to find out more about this special supplement and how you could benefit from using it.

What are exogenous ketone supplements?

What are exogenous ketone supplements

In contrast to the endogenous ketones produced in the body itself, exogenous ketones must be actively absorbed.

To put it simply: exogenous ketones have to be bought and drunk or eaten, endogenous ketones are produced by the body itself.

Exogenous ketones come in different forms: ketone salts and ketone esters.

They differ not only in their name but also in their composition.

For example, ketone salts in powder form are usually found as a combination of beta-hydroxybutyrate and magnesium, calcium or other minerals. Ketone esters are liquids in which ketones are coupled to a carrier via a special bond (ester). They are characterized above all by a gruesome taste (such as the finest solvent or petrol), but have a somewhat longer half-life (can maintain the ketone values in the body longer).

Ketone salts vs. Ketone esters

Ketone salts, also called BHB salts, are ketones bound to a salt. They are most commonly mixed with the liquid in powder form.

Ketone esters are ketones called esters and are bound in liquid form. Ketone esters are commonly used in research, are not easily available and are very expensive. Ketone esters put the body into ketosis for several days because they are degraded more slowly.

Benefits of exogenous ketone supplements

If exogenous ketone bodies are taken for a sufficiently long time, insulin sensitivity improves. This is especially interesting if you eat carbohydrates regularly because the more sensitive you are to the storage hormone, the better the nutrient partitioning and the easier it will be to stay in good shape and relatively defined during the off-season. This would, in any case, be an argument for taking exogenous ketone bodies.

Brain Fuel – This advantage cannot be ignored, especially in a diet, because exogenous ketone bodies can be quickly and easily metabolized by the brain. The brain likes to do this and who don’t know the situation? You are on a diet and at work, your head just doesn’t want to function properly? Exogenous ketone bodies can definitely help here.

Yes, it actually seems that a sufficiently high concentration of ketone bodies in the blood, also triggered by the supply of exogenous ketone bodies, leads to an overall better fat metabolism. A better fat metabolism, on the other hand, is especially good in deficit if the carbohydrate intake is limited anyway. One feels altogether more comfortable with the fat dismantling process.

Potential problems and Side Effects

Exogenous ketone extracts are generally regarded as a safe and effective method of increasing ketone body absorptions, but the lasting results are not known.

Described side effects are more usual in ketone salts than in ketone esters and can be diarrhea, nausea, and stomach upset.

Ketones are also reported to complement a bad aftertaste.


best exogenous ketones: FAQ

What do exogenous ketones do?

In short: They increase the energy level and stabilize the blood sugar. The liver lacks the enzyme 3-keto-acid-CoA-transferase without being able to gain energy from the ketone bodies.

When is the best time to take exogenous ketones?

That’s up to the user – best would be before physical activity or when the consumer is aiming at losing weight.

Can I take exogenous ketones before bed?

Although at the beginning of a ketogenic diet sleep may suffer a little from the metabolic change, many people claim that their sleep is better and deeper after they are in ketosis.

And indeed, numerous studies have substantiated these claims. The quality of Keto’s sleep actually improves.

Are exogenous ketone supplements safe to take?

The research behind exogenous ketones is very solid. But still in its infancy. It has been declared safe (there are some conflicts of interest since most studies come from universities that license ketone patents for research).

We do not have enough long-term data to provide an absolute case because the use of exogenous ketones began less than a decade ago. But there is a lot of research, and much more can be expected.

Are there any dangers to using exogenous ketones?

Those who do not overdose but stick to the recommended intake of exogenous ketones are on the safe side. There are minor side effects which include nausea and possible stomach upsets but those are most likely related to over-dosing on the substance.


Even if one does not necessarily have to become a supporter of the ketogenic form of nutrition immediately: a reduction of the carbohydrate supply and a clear increase of the fat supply with simultaneous supply of exogenous ketone bodies could be a solution for many dieters to reach their goal more effectively and efficiently. Especially now this approach is interesting, because for many it will soon go back into the summer diet phase!

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